How to read Renault Megane Bosch EDC16CP33 BDM by KTAG clone?

This blog will show you step by step: How to read Renault Megane II Bosch ECU EDC16CP33 in BDM bench by KTAG ECU Programmer Master Clone? Check below details!

ECU to read: Renault Bosch EDC16CP33

You can see this ECU type installed in Renault, Nissan and Suzuki. EDC16CP33 and EDC16C36 are the same just if CP33 you can’t read the MPC.

Tool used: KTAG 2.11 FW 6.070 or you can try KTAG 2.13 FW 6.070.

BDM Frame used: KTAG FGTECH BDM Frame Bosch

K-TAG BDM read Renault Bosch EDC16CP33 ECU steps:

Connect K-TAG with EDC16CP33 ECU via KTAG BOSCH BDM Frame as below:


Open K-TAG 2.11 software and click the car icon.

Select car maker “Renault”, car model “Megane II” and ECU type “BOSCH EDC16C36” as below:

It’s recommended to do ECU backup before reading.

Then choose the first option “BOSCH EDC16+ NISSAN RENAULT (P29)” and click “OK”.

Click “Read” and KTAG starts to read EDC16CP33. (Not MPC, only flash and eeprom)

Now you just wait it complete 100% and save the bin file!

KTAG Clone BDM read Renault BOSCH EDC16CP33 OK!