Experience with China Lexia 3 on Mitsubishi – disable TPMS, DRL, Seatbelt warning

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I recently got a China Lexia 3 diagnostic tool with Diagbox and PP2000. Paid $130 including shipping through DHL. It took about 5 days to arrive. The device itself seems quite solid, heavy and reliable. See first picture below:


I hooked the Lexia 3 V48 up my Outlander, and had no problem turning on some options including the speeding warning – it kicks in at about 117 kmh – IMHO it is quite useful. I have been playing with it for days and it is able to do the things I need it to do. Below are some things that work:

– TPMS disabling/enabling (Lancer X/EVO X too)

– Fog light independently to low beams

– Welcome courtesy lighting

– Auto door locking / unlocking

– Factory security system activation (for those not having it)

– All Customer options available thru MMCS (rear wiper speed, pause and mode, locking/unlocking settings, light sensoradjustment etc)

– Two stage Auto lights (twilight mode)

– 4 hours trip computer autoreset disabled

– 120+ km/h speed warning

– Remote sunroof closing

– Rear fog lights activation

– DRL mode change/deactivation

– Passenger seatbelt warning mode

– Low washer fluid warning

– 0.1MHz FM radio step, CT time broadcast, instant RDS display (2010-2013 6CD head units only).

– Service notification deactivation



Things that (yet) do not:

– Remote windows closing

– Door autolocking once keyless transmitter is out of the car

– ECO indicator


Now it is available from many sources. Mine is from here:



Always save c:\OUD folder in case you need to restore your distorted settings.

You might be not able to restore proper values using DiagBox (yet remote rescue session is possible as a last resort, PM me for details).

Why I bought the cable

I did some research before purchasing it. The cable is actually a Peugeot/Citroen diagnostic tool? Because both these brands had or still have models which are rebranded versions ofMitsubishi Outlander/RVR so they made their tool to support those Mitsubishi clones.

  1. This is device capable of changing some ETACS settings, similar (but not identical) to dealers MUT-III. Mitsubishi ETACS has over 2 hundred settings to play with!
  2. It can be used with Lexia/PP2000 software or DiagBox or ETACS Decoder – best ETACS management tool ever! Seriously.
  3. Using it you can do many things your dealer is unable to.
  4. It is not an OBDII reader and cannot be replaced with ELM327.

Ceci est lexia 3 du support technique du site Web OBD2DIY.fr:Experience with China Lexia 3 on Mitsubishi – disable TPMS, DRL, Seatbelt warning