2016 FVDI V6.3 Software Free Download

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2016 FVDI with software USB dongle has newly upgraded to V6.3.

Here software upgrade list:
ABRITES Commander for Porsche  V4.1
ABRITES Commander for Renault  V6.3
ABRITES Commander for BMW V10.4
ABRITES Commander for Ford V4.9
ABRITES Commander for Opel V6.6
ABRITES Commander for Fiat  V5.7
ABRITES Commander for VAG – VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda V24.0
ABRITES Commander PSA for Peugeot and Citroen V6.7
ABRITES Commander for Toyota V9.0
ABRITES Commander for Benz V7.0
ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi V2.1
ABRITES Commander for Chrysler V3.3

Obd2diy.fr here offers free V6.3 FVDI software download link:
V2016 FVDI V6.3 software Download:

OR download here:

V2016 FVDI V6.3 software Download:

Download the software upgrade file into the computer. Unzip the file and then install it.

Obd2diy.fr provides bonus that buy 2016 FVDI products, you will get free online Nissan 20 digits PIN Code calculator software. With the PIN Code software, no need to communicate with vehicle, just follow the screen instruction and enter the vehicle information, you will get the Nissan 20 digits PIN Code easily. The Nissan PIN Coe calculator software perfectly works with 2016 FVDI ABRITES Commander for Nissan/Infiniti V4.3 (free Hyundai, Kia and Tag tool software included).

Follow steps below to 2016 FVDI V6.3 Update:
Extract F07005” Zip File into desktop and then delete this zip file;

Open F07005 Folder and then run FWDownloader;


Open Computer Management, select Device Manager >> Port (COM & LPT), right click USBSerial Port (COM4) to choose Properties;


Select Port Settings >> Advanced…, and choose Latency Timer option as 16, click OK;


Re-run FWDownloader, click Update Firmware (Connect FVDI device to PC/Laptop);


Once Firmware1 finish, select Firmware 2 to continue, and finally download Table Data;

Next select Update License;

Once license file downloaded to device successfully, quit FVDI 2016 Downloader V1.0 interface;


Ceci est FVDI ABRITES commander du support technique du site Web OBD2 Outil de diagnostic:2016 FVDI V6.3 Software Free Download