How to recover FTDI eeprom if Galletto is not recognized

This is the instruction on how to recover FTDI eeprom even if Galletto is not recognized correctly by Windows.

Tools i used is FGTech Galleto 54 from China, with the link:

Free download Galletto V54 FTDI files:
folder « FIX1 »
folder « FIX2 »
Recovery procedure:

1. Connect Galletto to USB, run Device Manager and install drivers for not recognized Galletto from directory « FIX1\Standard FTDI Drivers for recovery »

2. Run MProg.exe, open the file « Galetto_v54.ept » and press « Program »

3. Disconnect UBS and connect back.
Now Galletto will be recognized, but not fully programmed.

4. Go to « FIX2 » directory and run FTReadWrite_v3.exe, press « Write » and open 54.bin file.

The Galletto V54 now recovered.