How to read write eeprom/ecu via usb for Mazda premacy 2000?

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Post on how to read write eeprom/ecu via usb for mazda premacy 2000.

Car model and year: its a mazda premacy year 2000 and a odb usb cable and a converter. i have 18 FP89 881B denso ecu

Here is a pic from inside eprom or mcu. its a DENSO ECU, i can see 93c56 eeprom chip on ecu PCB.
Purpose: read / write eeprom/ecu via usb

These Tools may be used depend on PCB:
1) Boot Mode device: Galleto Fgtech or Kess V2,
2) immo key maker, eg. software EFI, Zedbull, Gambit, TMPRO or tango
Which one to use? Please read following parts.

Tips on how to do and what tools to use:
Some EEPROM reader can read 93C56 on PCB, but it depend of the PCB, because EEPROM wiring (reistors, capacitors) will varie from one PCB to another.
Immo box, ECU, car radios, each one use their own method to implement EEPROM.
In Fact, we need to make something clear about EEPROM.
you have two type of ‘EEPROM’, be carefull :
You have FLASH/EEPROM chip, like AMD AM29F200 used in renault ECU Sirius32 serie. This can of chip have Flash area and EEPROM Area, so you can use OBD and Boot Mode device to read ‘EEPROM’ Area.
Exemple : Galleto Fgtech, Kessy are OBD flash/eeprom devices readers.
The second type of EEPROM are ‘EEPROM Only’ chips, classified in familly (I2C, SPI, etc). Most of such eeprom are 8 legs, exemple 24CXX, 93CXX,95XXX .
this second EEPROM are readed mostly by removing them, it’s safe, then read with a suitable adatpers you got with EEPROM reader.
Some serial (8 legs) EEPROM can be readed with a clip, by some reader, like CarProg, but not all the time as I said .
I use CarProg to read out 24C16, 24C92, some 93C46 on car radio PCB without desoldering.
The last thing : not sure you’re ECU can be immo offed. Try to download a free immo progam, start it and try to find if you make/model of car is listed, if yes, read your eeprom wih a serial eeprom reader, and post you’re here.
another solution is program key from immo dump.
To locate immo box (maybe a separated box, not in the ecu), download a free immo key maker like EFI, Zedbull, Gambit, even paid device like TMPRO or tango.
Start the program, select your model of car, the program will tell you if immo data needed to program ar in ECU or in a separate box.
in the latest case, it will give the picture of this plastic black box to remove from car.