How to remove PDF for Peugeot 307 DIY Guide

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I am driving a Peugeot 307 2.0 2003 with 290 000km. It is begging to have the DPF removed. I wonder how difficult it is to remove the PDF? Which part needs to drill? And does it require to read/flash the ECU?

So I consult some experts and finally got some clues on Pug forum.

Here we go:

First I ordered a lexia 3 VCI module with Peugeot Planet 2000 software or updated version Diagbox 7.57 from

Set that up on a laptop running windows XP (I’ve not try on Win7)
Once set up PP2000 and running, I made sure I could communicate with car, had a play with it, went in to some settings to get a feel for it.

Then I need MPPS v13 cable for €13.50, installed it in on another Win XP laptop.
Connected the mpps cable to car, had a play with it, made sure it would read the ECU Properly. If you do not have MPPS interface, Galletto 1260 ECU flasher is a good replacement.

Then I got somewhere to download ECUsafe 2.0 ECU tuning program (you can buy here as well), open the ECU file in that, again had a play, once happy, made a new Map with the EGR & DPF removed.

Flashed the new map on to the ECU, checked and cleared any faults with lexia3 Peugeot Planet, test driver and check faults again.

Then once 100% happy

Jacked the car up, removed the complete catalyst & DPF section, Split it, Drilled a 2″ hole through the DPF (The rear section NOT the front section)

Refitted all, test drive, checked again on Peugeot Planet software for faults
Job done!