Installation Guide for Newest VVDI 2 Commander Key Programmer

VVDI 2 is the update version of VVDI, with powerful function for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche.
The essay is mainly about the installation of VVDI II key programmer.
What is new on VVDI 2 commander?
newly add BMW Porsche model,
added plug-in function and reserved connectors,
support IMMO programming for part vehicles.

How to install VVDI 2?
It is easy to install VVDI II software. Just follow me.

Double click “VVDI2-Installer. exe” to installsv86 install software-1.

Choose the setup language.
sv86 install software-2
Click “Next” to continue.
sv86 install software-3
Choose a file location to go on.
sv86 install software-4
Click “Install” to begin installation of VVDI2.
sv86 install software-5
Click “Next” if you install VVDI software (any version) for the first time.
Else, click “Cancel”.
sv86 install software-6
Click “Finish” for successfully installing the device driver.
sv86 install software-7
Click “Close” for successful installation of VVDI 2 key programmer.
sv86 install software-8
VVDI 2 software has been installed.