A Clone Volvo VIDA DiCE from obd2diy.fr review

Outils de diagnostic de voitures


I ordered and received my Volvo VIDA DiCE key:

I was persuaded by a fellow in forum-auto member. But I am a little bit worry because it is shipped from China. When the package arrived, I am satisfied. (Comes with DiCE kit with 4 LEDs and VIDA 2014D CD)
The installation of the VIDA 2014D was laborious because initially I was under WIN 7 64bit but Home Edition, and follow the youtube instructions on theor webpage. It failed. Then I change another laptop running so Win 7 32-bit PRO edition and installation successfully. Volvo DiCE drivers were installed automatically. The program works fine on IE11

I am driving a Volvo XC60 2008. Reading the faults of my XC60 was without problem and I now know what to attribute the loss of power that I have ever. This is due to the probe t ° output that tells me the FAP + 1000 ° (my used car is under warranty I had been concessioned to the diagnosis.

The VIDA diagnostic software did a lot more than a code reader. I was able to run a ETM sweep test, and did my own TCM adaptation. The adaptation did wonders and it worked out some of the small downshift bumps I had.

Looking through the menus, you can get just about every parameter out of the car’s various computers as well as calibrate other things like your CCM vent and temperature settings. Quite impressive.

The only downside of the China clone VIDA DiCE is that firmware does not allow to update. But lucky software updates from time to time.

PS: Volvo VIDA 2014D on Win 7 32-bit O/S