2015 FVDI Renault ABRITES commander (achieved)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I have two vehicles 2004 Renault clio classic petrol and 2011 Renault Scenic III X95. I have searched some search engine and forums to advice for following functions.

Reading PIN for Renault Scenic III
Odometer correction for Renault Clio (for engine purpose)
Key programming for both of them

Well, my minimum requirements are to do pin reading, mileage changing and key programming. But if it can do other functions I could not be happier. If the device can be update, either by CD or email is okay. I am not familiar with pin code stuff, so it had better does not need pin code.

Then “somebody” suggested one in Renault forum, called FVDI ABRITES commander. Offered software options, I of course picked up Renault software (latest version 5.4). I also got Hyundai and Kia software for free, although I have no Hyundai or Kia vehicle. But I start to consider get one Kia for my 18-year-old son. As for the update, I was warned to notify the ID FVDI first and them they have to check the ID is in the list of update so that the software can be update by email. Mine are included so I wait for the update.

The small pity is that only English language is compatible with FVDI commander. Hope it will improve adding some other languages in the future.

Finally, I want to report my test results.
Read PIN for Scenic, okay
Odometer correction for Clio, no problem
Key programming for Scenic and Clio, good
As for ECUs scanning, airbag reset, program ID…I am still working on it.

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