Cheap Chinese Clone VOLOVE VIDA DICE to Reset Codes

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I’m being haunted by an 03 S40 and recurring fault lights. I’ve tried a way to reset the codes without a reader and remove the battery cables and briefly touching the cables…but did nothing, so I took off cables and clamped them together over night – still showing codes afterward. I found someone in forums with a reader to be able to reset. Then I decided to buy a clone DICE / VIDA.

This is what I got. Spent €88.00 on this 2014D version VIDA DICE diagnostic tool.
With 6 days’ delivery.
PCB board, the same as the seller shows
The Chinese clone DICE VIDA unit gave me a complete Volvo trouble codes, a factory workshop manual, access to all stored trouble codes, and the ability to monitor operating variables and directly set some values. The only thing I won’t be able to do, is to do programming. Er… Right, it is a key programmer:D

A nice experience with clone diagnosis VICE DIDA. Amazing. Never thought it will be so excellent.

PS. Files for sharing:
VOLVO diagnostic tool VIDA DICE installation
VIDA installation guide